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    About the Tour
    A vacation to Ajmer is worth a trip to plan for its forts, palaces, and monuments. Ajmer City offers more than just historical monuments, its man-made and natural lakes are also quite admirable to visit while travelling. Moreover, the city's vibrant culture, traditional, bustling streets, as well as cuisines are not to be missed while touring.

    The places included in Ajmer Tour Package are starting the tour with the famous spot Ajmer Sharif Darga, Foy Sagar Lake, Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, Abdullah Tomb, Durga Bagh Temple, Soniji Ki Nasiyan, and many more sites. Though the distance between Malappuram to Ajmer is approx. 2000 km away, taking a maximum 38 hours drive with the well-connected road, of self-driving.

    How to reach Ajmer?
    Tourists get to pick the option of booking a taxi from Taxi Services in Ajmer for a better travelling experience. As taxi service companies ensure that the travelling is relaxing and soothing without any hindrance. Furthermore, the Itinerary of the tour can be customizable according to the client's tastes and preferences of places, they want to visit and to save time and money.

    The services such as picking up and dropping off, necessary items like bottles, first aid boxes, and emergency tires are well-maintained for travelling purposes. Moreover, the company hires professional drivers for the tour experience. The travelling experience can be more enjoyable if the customer books a tour guide with a taxi for a better understanding of the place and its historical tales. Also for amazing sightseeing, shopping and knowledge of local markets.

    About Ajmer
    Every city of Rajasthan offers its own traditional and unique tales of historically rich culture. Ajmer offers a blend of rich culture with its fort, and palaces as well as with its natural beauty captivates the tourist's interest in knowing more about the place. For Ajmer Sightseeing Tour, tourists get to attend many fairs and festivals which are organized and celebrated by the locals for entertainment as well as for ritual purposes, making the city glow with colorful lighting.

    Places to visit in Ajmer
    Ajmer Sharif Dargah:- A shrine built for Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, where every year millions of devotees visit the place to worship and receive blessings. Therefore, making the place a holiest spot for Hindus and Muslims.

    Durga Bagh Garden:- Built-in 1868, by Maharaja Shiv Dan, the garden is around the man-made Ana Sagar Lake, giving the lake a beautiful view with its lush surrounding of greenery and hills. One can take a boat ride around the lake for an admirable sunset view.

    Abdullah Khan's Tomb:- A tomb built to honor the commander of Ajmer while in the reign of the Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb. Abdullah Khan's tomb consists of a simple design but with multiple arches built by his two sons to honor their father's work, thus making the tomb historical significance.

    Taragarh Fort:- Famous for its grandeur and breathtaking architecture on the steep hillside, the tunnels in the fort were used as a refuge from the attacks of a rival during the war. Also, the complex carvings of the fort show the craftsmanship of the finest ancient art.

    Foy Sagar Lake:- The artificial lake gives the best sight of the hills as well as a better spot for family picnics especially during the winter season. Built-in 1892 by the British engineer Foy to improve the wage system of locals facing an issue of scarcity of food during that period.

    Soniji ki Nasiyan:- A temple made of red stone in the 19th century is dedicated to Adinath, the first Jain Tirthankara. Temple's main attraction is the chamber wooden structure built of golden plates, representing the Jain point of view from ancient times.

    Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra:- Built in the 18th century after the Urs festival was organized for just two and half days to celebrate. Originally built as Sanskrit College, later modified by Sultan in 1213, the Indo-Islamic architecture of the mosque with pillars, arched walls, and domes is quite admirable and appreciated by many tourists.

    Best time to plan Malappuram to Ajmer tour
    Winter or monsoon season is an excellent slot to plan a Malappuram to Ajmer Tour, for pleasant and cozy travelling, as the surrounding during October to March are magnificent around the Aravalli Hill Range and lakes. Tourists can get an amazing view of Ajmer City covered with majestic mother nature. Summer can bring fatigue while local sightseeing causes trip delays.

    Ajmer City offers more than just historical monuments, it also presents a picnic spot for families around the lakes. Tourists are welcomed traditionally and warmly, plus the other adventure rides and programs are to be added to the list of touring. The whole trip is worth visiting Ajmer again in the near future to experience more about the locals.

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