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    Embarking from Hassan in Karnataka, the Ajmer Tour Packages promise an enriching journey into Rajasthan's heartland, revealing contrasts between the Deccan plateau and the Thar desert's fringes. Ajmer, a city soaked in spiritual and historical essence, serves as a peaceful retreat. The highlight remains the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, drawing devotees with its serene ambiance and Sufi legacy. Alongside, the shimmering waters of Ana Sagar Lake offer a tranquil escape, while Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra narrates tales of bygone eras.

    With ease of travel, these packages often incorporate Hassan rail or air transit options. Accommodation in Ajmer caters for all, from rustic heritage stays to modern hotels. The journey, usually rounded off with visits to local bazaars and the neighboring town of Pushkar, ensures travelers from Hassan a comprehensive experience of Ajmer's spirituality, history, and culture.

    Distance from Hassan to Ajmer – 1788 kilometers; 34 hours

    About Ajmer –
    Ajmer, a city nestled in the Aravalli mountains of Rajasthan, is a harmonious blend of spirituality and history. Revered by many for the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, the resting place of Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti, it has become a significant pilgrimage site for people of all faiths. Beyond its spiritual allure, Ajmer boasts the mesmerizing Ana Sagar Lake, offering visitors moments of tranquility. The city's architectural tapestry, seen in structures like Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, tells tales of its rich Mughal past. Being a stone's throw from the holy town of Pushkar, Ajmer also serves as a gateway for Hindu pilgrims.

    Main highlights of the Ajmer Sightseeing Tour
    Revered visit to the iconic Ajmer Sharif Dargah.
    Serene boat excursions on Ana Sagar Lake.
    Architectural admiration at Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra.
    Panoramic views from the historic Taragarh Fort.
    Lively shopping escapades in Ajmer's bustling bazaars.
    Journey through time at the Ajmer Government Museum.
    Spiritual detour to the neighboring town of Pushkar.

    How to reach Ajmer from Hassan?
    By Train: There isn't a direct train from Hassan to Ajmer. However, you can take a train from Hassan to Bengaluru or another major junction and then get a connecting train to Ajmer.

    By Road: Driving or hiring a taxi is an option. The journey covers approximately 1,900 km via the NH 48 route, taking around 30-35 hours, traversing cities like Bengaluru, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

    By Air: The nearest airport to Hassan is Bengaluru International Airport. You can fly from Bengaluru to Jaipur, the closest major airport to Ajmer. After landing in Jaipur, you can take a Jaipur to Ajmer taxi to cover the remaining 135 km to Ajmer.

    Tips to travel hassle-free:
    Pre-book accommodations and transport to avoid last-minute hassles.
    Pack light, opting for versatile clothing and essentials.
    Always carry a digital backup of crucial travel documents.
    Familiarize yourself with local customs and etiquette.
    Opt for well-reviewed transportation and tour services.
    Keep emergency contacts and a basic first-aid kit handy.

    Book the Hassan to Ajmer Pushkar Tour with us and get the best deals or discounts. Discover the best of Ajmer and Pushkar in a relaxed and comfortable way. Experience the warm hospitality of the locals in Ajmer.

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