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    About the Tour
    A tour of the holy site is a must-add to one's list of vacation trips. Ajmer is considered to be a top attraction for religious purposes. The city is also known for its glorious forts, palaces, and monuments. The vibrant culture and traditions as well as the fairs and festivals celebrated grandly are not to be missed to add to Ajmer Sightseeing Tour One can see the difference in locals living as every city of Rajasthan has some or other things to offer to its visitors.

    Tourists enjoying the self-driving for Chandigarh to Ajmerr Tour can add these famous tourist spots such as Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, Ana Sagar Lake, Daulat Bagh, and many more in their tour package for convenient travelling. However, the distance between the Chandigarh to Ajmer is approx. 600 km which takes around 9 hours to drive to the main vacation destination. With the well-connected, visitors can reach their destination before the time estimated.

    How to reach Ajmer?
    Ajmer has a lot of prices and services when it comes to Taxi services. Tourists can pre-book a cab from Ajmer Taxi Service for a greater experience and exploration of the Ajmer trip. Taxi services offer well-maintained and serviced cabs to its customers so that they don't find inconvenience while travelling around and wasting time on any sort of hindrance.

    Tourists get to book any type of vehicle for their travelling also a tour guide is recommended for better exploring of the local sightseeing. Companies try level best to provide customers with all the necessary items while travelling as well as ensure their services are available 24/7 for the client's safety and security purposes.

    About Ajmer
    A beautiful city for all interest groups like natural lovers, history buffs, foodies, and many more categories of interests. Ajmer City entertains all interested people. To add to the compliment list of Ajmer, the fairs and festivals are celebrated in a very grand and glorious royal manner.

    The performance of local artists brings true nature and story through folk dance and music in front of tourists. For adventure craze, tourists get to try zip-lining, Camel rides or Elephant rides, camping and many more activities.

    Places to visit in Ajmer
    Ajmer Sharif Dargah:- The famous tomb of a Sufi Saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, making the place a landmark in Ajmer. Here millions of devotees visit every year from all over the world to worship. Also, the complex carvings and marble finishing of the huge dome are the attractions of the Dargah.

    Ana Sagar Lake:- A man-made lake built by Anaji Chauhan, is located in the heart of the city. The lake area is alluring with all the parks, gardens, and temples so that family and friends can easily plan a picnic in this relaxing and calming environment.

    Taragarh Fort:- A fort built on a steep hilltop is quite known for its grandeur building, one can view the stunning and bustling city of Ajmer. Though the fort was built for military training for war, as time passes the tourist can only get a view of the fort's ruins.

    Akbar's Palace and Museum:- A Palace built by Akbar which was later on converted into a museum when under British rule. After converting the palace into a museum, the place consists of rare artic rafts, weapons of ancient times, paintings, and sculptures from the Mughal eras.

    Daulat Bagh:- A well-maintained garden built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, with lush green, fountain, flowers, bushes, and many more surrounding the Ana Sagar Lake, provides tourists with the peace and calmness of nature, one can take a break from their hectic modern lifestyle to enjoy a walk or meditate.

    Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra:- A unique historic mosque built with a fusion of Indo-Islamic architecture style, also with the complicated carvings on walls and pillars makes this mosque a significant spot for tourism.

    Pushkar Lake and Temple:- If time permits, tourists need to visit Pushkar Lakes for its spiritual aura around the temples. Pushkar consists of only Brahma Temple and 52 Ghats. Tourists get to enjoy the popular Camel Fair which is organised every year by the local communities.

    Best time to plan Chandigarh to Ajmer Tour
    The ideal time to plan Chandigarh to Ajmer Tour is either around the winter or monsoon season which is from October to March. During this month, tourists get to view an amazing view of the majestic scenery of Ajmer City with lakes and Aravalli hills. The view is so beautiful, that one can't stop themselves from taking a picture for a social media site. Summer touring causes fatigue and delays in the plan. The best suggested time is around winter or monsoon season.

    Ajmer Tour Packages are customizable according to the tourist's interest and comfort. As per the tourist selection, the trip is planned. Ajmer City is such worthy of every penny spent by the visitors that they might want to travel again to this majestic place of forts, palaces, monuments, and lakes.

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