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    When anyone talks about Ajmer and Pushkar, seldom do you consider it as a perfect holy pilgrimage destination or a shopping paradise. Ajmer is not only a sacred place for the people of the Muslim community, but it is quite famous among tourists of all religions and all nationalities. It is home to the holy shrine of Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer. One can get traditional trinkets, souvenirs, and even garments that reflect the Rajasthani culture quite well. There are several things to buy in Ajmer that one will find on the shopping streets.

    If you are a shopaholic and like collecting traditional artefacts, then this article is best suitable for you. This is the best Ajmer Pushkar Shopping Guide which includes things to shop for and places to shop here. So, let's start with the following details.

    In Ajmer:
    A famous bustling city is located 130 kilometers southwest of Jaipur and is around 14 km from Pushkar. The city of Ajmer was earlier named the "Ajay Meru" and is roughly translated as an invincible hill. Being home to a number of tourist places, Ajmer represents the diversity of rich Indian cultures and ethics. Besides its renowned Dargah Shariff, you can also enjoy shopping in Ajmer with your dear ones.

    Things to shop: Handicrafts, textiles, Indo-western dresses, jewelry, antique furniture, and local items

    Places to shop: There are several amazing things to buy in Ajmer that you will find on a shopping tour of the city. Get some authentic Rajasthani handicraft items for your family and friends as a souvenir. Some of the best places to visit in Ajmer for shopping are –

    Dargah Bazar is genuinely the heart of the town which is located quite close to the Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Shariff. The marketplace has several items that are worth getting as a souvenir. You will find shops for garments, bed sheets, table clothes, and other items.

    Nala Bazar is the best marketplace to go for shopping garments, paintings, miniatures, woodwork, silver jewerly, etc. Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Ajmer while shopping for authentic handicrafts and souvenirs.

    Mahila Mandi is the best place to buy garments, dupattas, jewelry, accessories, and more. Travellers will genuinely be amazed while exploring the markets since there are many traditional things to get from this market.

    Purani Mandi is a famous place for textiles, gift items, and souvenirs. This is just the perfect place for you to go. From small shops to large showrooms, you will find everything here on a shopping tour. You can also get bangles, books, and cute stationery items.

    In Pushkar:
    One of the oldest Hindu pilgrimage cities in India, Pushkar, is located to the northwest of Ajmer. The tranquil city of Pushkar is a hot-favorite destination for thousands of tourists and devotees flocking to Rajasthan. It is beautifully surrounded by hillocks on three sides. The Nag Pahar literally means Snake Mountain, which is well-known as the rose garden of Rajasthan.

    Things to shop: Golden & silver jewelry, wedding clothing for men & women, utensils, cosmetics, leather goods, rose products, miniature paintings, colorful puppets, wall hangings, etc.

    Places to shop: In Pushkar, you can enjoy a wonderful shopping tour while roaming around the colorful bazaars. Some of the best places to go shopping in Pushkar are –

    Sadar Bazaar is the best place to go shopping, which is lined up with vibrant stalls displaying a wide range of traditional artefacts. The main market region is located in the northern region of the lake, giving you an idea of why people love shopping at such attractions in the city.

    Kedalganj Bazaar is quite famous for selling high-quality handicraft items. One can find some other essentialities of Rajasthan in this market. If you like getting unique stuff to decorate your home or other things.

    Sarafa Bazaar is a great place to go to buy high-quality attractive items for Pushkar in one place. It is the best marketplace, having shops where you can get clothes, accessories, footwear, ethnic wear, etc. A lively ambiance plus reasonable prices in the shops are other attractions.

    Bada Bazaar offers you different shops for buying unique items. One can find a good range of clothes, accessories, footwear, handicrafts, artificial jewellery, etc. The vibrant bazaar offers some colorful shops for trying the local cuisine of Pushkar.

    Conclusion –
    With this exclusive shopping guide, we bet you will have an amazing shopping experience in all the markets. In this list of popular places to shop, things to shop, and shop in Ajmer and Pushkar. One can explore the local markets on a shopping tour of Ajmer Pushkar.

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