• Muslim Spiritual Tour: Top 5 Dargahs in And Around Ajmer

    In a country where Islam is the second largest religion, India is indeed a place where this religion gains the most importance. There're many dargahs in different parts of the country, of which Ajmer Dargah Sharif is the most popular in India. A follower of Islam can find a number of holy places to bow down to or even prostrate. With several Muslim pilgrimage sites in and around Ajmer, you can enjoy your wonderful Muslim spiritual tour by car and driver. Every year Muslim pilgrimage sites in Ajmer are thronged with devotees. These Sufi Mazars around Ajmer offer the visitors the peace they always wanted. Along with this, they also get a chance to connect with the interesting history of Islam which enlightens their soul.

    5 Best Dargahs around Ajmer
    Bow down your heads to these top 5 dargahs around Ajmer on a sightseeing tour of Ajmer.
    1. Dargah Shariff Ajmer –
    One of the oldest and most famous dargahs in India is Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, also known as Dargah Sharif of Ajmer. It is the tomb of the famous Sufi Saint also referred to as Gharib Nawaz. The dargah sharif is the grave of Saint Moinuddin Chishti where pilgrims flock in abundance to worship during the URS fair. It is indeed a religious destination that one should never miss on a religious tour of Rajasthan. It has had an enormous contribution to the ethical and spiritual values of Islam.

    2. Taragarh Dargah –
    Taragarh Fort is well-known for its grandeur and stunning architecture and encloses the famous Dargah of Hazrat Meeran Syed Hussain Khingsawar Mashhadi, which is a famous shrine of an Imami martyr of Taragarh hill. He was martyred along with his companions by non-believers for preaching Islam in 1201 and his last rites are said to have been performed by this place whose magnificent Dargah is also in the foothills of Taragarh.

    3. Sarwar Sharif Dargah –
    Sarwar is a small town and a subdivision in Ajmer district in Rajasthan which is Sarwar Sharif Urs Hazrat Khwaja Fakhruddin Chishti. It is located on the banks of the river "Die", which is a tributary of the river Banas. Sarwar Sharif Dargah is an area covered by water sources. There are many water bodies that are present in the surroundings of Sarwar.

    4. Sambar Sharif Dargah –
    Sambar Sharif is one of the best Muslim religious shrines near Ajmer, dedicated to Khwaja Hussanmuddin Chishti, the grandson of Sultan-ul-Hind Khwaja Gharib Nawaz. The Dargah is located close to the Sambhar Salt Lake which is the largest Salt Lake in India. It is the largest inland saltwater lake in the country which is about 64 kilometers away from Ajmer.

    5. Nagaur Sharif Dargah –
    The Nagaru Sharif Dargah is located within the walls of the Nagaur fort and is one of the significant sites for the Muslim clan, followed by the Ajmer Dargah Sharif. This is considered one of the most important places to see in Nagaur. The tarkeen dargah is highly revered and was built in remembrance of Khwaja Hamiduddin Nagauri, who was one of the trusted people for the Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti.

    There are plenty of other places to see in Ajmer, that are recommended to Muslim pilgrims, families, groups, or solo tours. If you are planning a religious tour of Ajmer, then book our exclusive Ajmer Tour Package with us and enjoy a remarkable tour of the city.

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