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    Surrounded by the Aravalli ranges in Rajasthan, the quaint cities of Ajmer and Pushkar are a real paradise for all kinds of travellers. There are several amazing things to do in Ajmer and Pushkar, we can vouch that be it just sitting by the lake or learning about the heritage of the city, every experience here is soul-satisfying. There's no doubt that visiting the heavenly Dargah is a must-do in the city, there're some amazing experiences for an enriching holiday in Rajasthan. Have a look at these 10 most interesting things to do in the city.

    Top 5 things to do in Ajmer

    Are you looking for some exciting things to enjoy in Ajmer? Here are all the amazing experiences you can indulge in during your Ajmer sightseeing tour.

    1. Indulge in boating at Ana Sagar Lake
    With some amazing tourist attractions like Ana Sagar Lake, and "What to do in Ajmer", you need not be more concerned. Because this artificial lake offers breathtaking views of the city and has a magnetic allure to enthrall everyone. You can just sit and soak up the peace here.

    2. Seek blessings at Ajmer Sharif Dargah
    Popular all around the world, the holy shrine was erected in the honor of Garib Nawaz, who was the propagator of Sufism among the masses. This is a great place to visit if you wish to soak in a bit of harmony and spirituality.

    3. Learn the legends at Adhai Din ka Jhopra
    Located in Ajmer is Adhai din ka jhopra which is a famous mosque built in just 2 and a half days. It exhibits a perfect blend of Indo-Islamic style of architecture and is adorned with calligraphic inscriptions ever since it was built.

    4. Take a relaxing stroll at Daulat Bagh
    Adjacent to the famous Ana Sagar Lake is Daulat Bagh which is one of the top things you must add to your wish list. It is a great place to visit for every nature lover, photographer, and travel enthusiast. One can spend a peaceful evening here by strolling along the lush green lawns in the garden.

    5. Pay respect to Soniji ki Nasiyan
    Built-in the late 19th century, Soniji is an ornate temple that will blow your mind with its stunning gold structure and impeccable carving depicting stories from Jain mythology. The shrine is dedicated to the first Tirthankara and holds a special place in "Jainism". It is a must-visit tourist place for those who love history and architecture.

    Top 5 things to do in Pushkar

    If you are looking for some exciting things to enjoy in Ajmer, then here are all the amazing experiences you can indulge in during your Ajmer sightseeing tour.

    1. Be a part of the Pushkar Camel Fair
    If you want to feel and experience all the real Rajasthani culture is all about, then you should head out to be a part of the annual Pushkar Mela. The main essence of this event is to get a chance to see the famous camel and cattle trading that happens between the different villages.

    2. Camping in Pushkar Desert
    Camping is the most amazing adventure to relish in Pushkar and is considered an unmissable attraction in the city. It is one such activity that offers an exotic experience being located amidst the Aravalli ranges. Learn about the culture and heritage of Rajasthan as you indulge in this experience with fun and so much more.

    3. Visit the ghats of Pushkar Lake
    The holy Pushkar Lake is beautifully surrounded by 52 ghats and more than 500 temples that you can explore from your heart's content. One of the best things to do in Pushkar is to visit the ghats and indulge in some religious activities.

    4. Pray at Brahma Temple
    Lord Brahma is the most revered Hindu deity who is the creator of the universe and holds a special place in the scriptures that they abide by. In Pushkar, the popular Lord Brahma Temple happens to be the only Hindu temple dedicated to the god in the North Indian region.

    5. Cable ride to Savitri Temple
    One of the most exciting things to do in Pushkar is the cable ride to the 16th-century old Savitri Devi Temple. Bringing you a bird's eye view of the scintillating city, the cable ride will take you through the Ratnagiri hills to this summit. The ones looking for a moderate thrill to experience can choose to reach the top of the hill in an exciting way.

    Conclusion –
    Rajasthan Tour Package and include these incredible experiences in your visit to Ajmer and Pushkar.

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