• Seven Wonders Park, Ajmer

    Embark on a magnificent journey to the Seven Wonders Park of Ajmer. All the seven famous wonders come to life at the same destination. At this Seven Wonders Park, visitors will get an impression of how human talent works through their architectural skills. The park consists, of a replica of the Seven Wonders of the World, which will allow the visitors to view the Seven Wonders of the planet without leaving the place.

    For the Ajmer Tour Package, the Seven Wonders of the World mentioned are present in the park are:

    1. Taj Mahal:- The main attraction among the other Seven Wonders is the Taj Mahal with its white marble construction, visitors are drawn to this monument for its visuals and artistic appeal.

    2. Eiffel Tower:- The soul of Paris, the Eiffel Tower replica is constructed right in front of the MPS School, at Lake Front Park on the shore of Anna Sagar Lake. Giving it a breathtaking view for visitors to click a photogenic image of the

    3. Egyptian Pyramids:- Most of us Indians wonder how the Pyramids were made, to our knowledge the replicas of these Egyptian Pyramids are constructed though they are not as big and grandeur as seen in Egypt.

    4. Statue of Liberty:- American Pride, Statue of Liberty is visible on the lake of Anna Sagar, giving the vibe of the statue being on the New York shores, though it’s small compared to the original statue. But its presence is enough to allure the locals.

    5. Leaning Tower:- Situated in a small part of the Italian city of Pisa. The leaning tower is everybody’s dream to have a selfie with the tower when visiting Italy. One can fulfill their dream here at this park.

    6. Colosseum of Rome:- The biggest elliptical amphitheater constructed in the heart of Rome, Italy in the Roman Empire period, this coliseum is now the pride of Ajmer at the park. 7. Christ the Redeemer:- A true Brazilian fan would know the statue of Christ, as this second largest art deco statue offers an unforgettable and thrilling experience during their visit to the park.

    For tourists’ booking the, Ajmer Family Tour by Tempo Traveller can book the entry tickets with the package or it can either be done online or at the entrance of the park. However, the prices will differ based on age and nationality. There is a special discount available for the students or visitors visiting in groups. No separate payment is made for the monuments. Photography is allowed for all visitors. Timings
    With Ajmer Pushkar Tour Packages, the timings mentioned for the park are from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, where the visitors will get enough time to explore and admire the gems of the seven wonders and their architectural presentation. Entering this park will take back the visitors to ancient times. Visitors will get a clear view of the detailed architectural presentation at every corner from the leaning tower to the towering Christ the Redeemer statue, also the ancient Pyramids of Giza, all present in the same place.

    Tips for visitors
    · To enjoy walking in the park, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
    · Apply sunscreen and carry water bottles, especially during hot weather to keep oneself hydrated.
    · Do respect the rules and regulations of the park to maintain beauty for further visitors.
    · Ensure to spend quality time to appreciate every wonder and educate yourself about its history and importance.

    Ajmer is a vibrant city where every interested visitor will find the perfect destination to travel around. Seven Wonders Park is not just a collection of monuments but it showcases the creativity of humans and cultures. In Ajmer Tourism, tourists prefer historical tales, photography lovers, or, anyone seeking inspiration, this park is the perfect model for everyone. Embark on this journey for r treasure hunt at the Seven Wonders Park to explore and discover true beauty.

    Its significance and captivating creation have made the park a must-visit destination for every age group of tourists from all over the world. With its spellbound beauty and grandeur, it ensures to inspire every visitors traveling solo or with families, and friends. Witness this extraordinary wonder place without missing an opportunity when planning the Ajmer Group Tour.

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