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    In the northern state of Rajasthan is located a shrine of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti in the city of Ajmer. The city is quite known for its historical and religious monuments. Ajmer represents a unique blend of Hindu and Muslim traditions in a single place. As the city has incredibly designed Ajmer Fort, Taragah Fort, and many more. It's a city of holy sights for both Hindu and Muslim religions.

    Tour Overview
    The major tourists sightseeing to add Kanpur to Ajmer Tour are the famous Ajmer Fort, Taragah Fort, Adhai Din Ka Jhopra, Ana Sagar Lake, Foy Sagar Lake, Mayo College built in the colonial era, Jain Temple, and many more famous sights to explore in their Ajmer tour trip.

    One can pick the Ajmer Pushkar Tour Package to explore 52 bathing Ghats and visit over 400 temples around the Pushkar Lake, enjoy the annually held Pushkar Camel Fair where one can get to experience the evening life with great traditional folk music and dance of Rajasthan. Pay a visit to the only Brahma Temple available in the whole world.

    Major Highlights of the Tour Package
    - The main tourist attraction to include in Ajmer Tour Package is the pilgrimage site of Ajmer Sharif Dargah a tomb of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moiniddin Chishti where every year millions of devotees pay a visit to the place.
    - After the pilgrimage site explores the ancient mosque known for its complicated carvings as well as for its Indo-Islamic architectural style, the Adhai Din Ka Jhopra.
    - Take a boat ride around the manmade lake of Ana Sagar Lake for its lush green gardens and photogenic view.
    - Look at the city view below the Taragarh Fort from the hilltop for a majestic view as well as for a perfect photogenic image of Ajmer City.
    - Explore the bustling and vibrant street market while taking a stroll around the Ajmer Bazaar for its handmade crafts, authentic jewelry, famous Indian Spices, and many more.
    - The Ajmer trip is incomplete without including a Pushkar visit in the tour, as the city is nearby to explore the Pushkar Lake, the only Brahma Temple, and for entertainment enjoy the Camel Fair held in Pushkar annually.
    - In Ajmer, try some of the mouthwatering dishes that are traditional to Rajasthan, such as Kachori, Dal Baati Churma, Sohan Halwa, and others.

    How to reach Ajmer?
    By Air:- Jaipur International Airport provides all domestic as well as international flights to tourists. Thus, there is a direct flight from Kanpur to Jaipur. Upon reaching Jaipur, one needs to book a cab to reach Ajmer from Car Rental in Ajmer.

    By Train:-Tourists can book a train ticket either online or from the railway reservation counter from Kanpur to Ajmer which will take approximately 14-15 hours to reach Ajmer.

    By Road:- Road has two modes either bus or car. The trip from Kanpur to Ajmer will take about 12 to 13 hours by automobile, but you can also hire a bus online or through a bus company for an Ajmer sightseeing tour if you prefer to travel independently.

    How to get around in Ajmer?
    The most convenient and efficient way to travel around Ajmer is by taking a flight from Kanpur to Jaipur and then booking a taxi from Taxi Services in Ajmer to reach Ajmer. It saves money as well as reduces fatigue from traveling for too long. Tourists are recommended to book a bus or car to Ajmer in advance to avoid the crowd during the seasonal period.

    For local sightseeing in Ajmer, one can take an auto-rickshaw to tour the vibrant local markets of Ajmer for its street food and shopping fiesta. An affordable and practical means of transportation for short trips to the market is the auto-rickshaw. Private touring is also an option provided to tourists which are customized according to customers' interests. Though Ajmer to Kanpur
    provided by the operators are well maintained and driven by professional drivers for the safety and hygiene purposes of the clients.

    Tips to plan Ajmer Tour
    - Plan the duration while thinking of traveling to save energy and time for touring around Ajmer as the city takes 2-3 days visiting one can travel to Pushkar for more exploring of the city.
    - Visit time is very important as the summers can be hectic and full of fatigue to even move around the streets and enjoy the vacation. The ideal period is during the winter season for pleasant traveling and attending Pushkar Camel Fair around November month.
    - It's suggested to book accommodation in advance to avoid a last-minute hassle in booking hotel and transport.
    - Choosing the right mode of transport according to the tourist's comfort and interests as well as planning as per budget can be maintained.
    - Keep the schedule organised to save time and allow the visitor to see additional areas near Ajmer.
    - Knowing about the tour place beforehand to avoid any mishaps while traveling around the local places of Ajmer such as clothing and eating non-veg in public places.
    - Pack lightly during the summer to make travelling easier, and pack warmly for the winter to stay healthy as it might get chilly at night.

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