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    Train Ticket Booking In Ajmer is a Major Task While You are Thinking Of Visiting For Holidays For Family. Ajmer Is The Headquarter For Western Railways and Hence It Is Well Connected To All Parts Of The Country. Ajmer Is Also a World Known Destination For Pilgrims. Ajmer Sharif Dargah and Holy City of Pushkar are Two Most Visited Place's From All over the Country. There are More Then 100 Trains Stopover In  Ajmer From All Over The State's and Rajasthan.  We Offer Rail Ticketing In Ajmer For All Class and All Destinations. We Have Authorized Ticketing Counter From IRCTC and We Arrange Group Ticketing and Train Tour Packages As Well. However Most of the Train from Ajmer for Any Long Distance are Full Always. Our Office Team Helps You To Check All Trains, Timings and Availability With Patience. We Have Knowledge of Major Routes from Ajmer and their probability.
    Ajmer is biggest destination of Muslim Clients and Nearby Pushkar town is well known as a hindu pilgrimage. There are people visiting all over the year from all over the country. Additionally there are many government offices of state and central government where thousands of people visit officially each day. Most trains starting or going through from Ajmer has a large occupancy. We are well known supplier for Train Ticket Booking In Ajmer since 2010. Our office is in the centre and is nearby to many tourist attraction as well as Ajmer Shrif dargah. We also cater Group ticketing for student tours and family travelling for holidays or Weddings. Ajmer sharif dargah , ana sagar lake , jain temple are most visited tourist attractions in Ajmer city. Nearby pushkar town also has many tourist places worth a visit. The town in worldwide famous for Brahma temple of pushkar.
    It is only temple dedicated to lord brahma and there is a sacred story behind this. Lord Himself created the Holy Lake in pushkar during his visit on earth thousand years ago. The idol of lord brahma has 4 faces and is worshipped only in this town. He is the creator of the world according to the holy books of Hindus. Along this there is savitri temple which is wife of brahma and many more small and big temple’s here. Gurudwara singh sabha of Gurunanak dev ji Largest gurudwara of Rajasthan. Pushkar is also known for Yearly camel fair of Pushkar which held’s in month of October or November. It lasts for 7days and 1million people and 50thousand cattle visit in the area during that period.

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