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    Ajmer is a city steeped in history and spirituality; beckons travel enthusiasts from Assam with its enchanting charm. Ajmer Tours offer specialized Ajmer Tour Packages from Assam to cater to the growing interest in this gem. Our packages are well-planned and covers Ajmer's major tourist attractions like the highly revered Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Ana Sagar Lake, etc. A short excursion to the nearby town of Pushkar can also be planned by travellers.

    Travel freaks from Assam can choose from a wide range of transportation option including flights. Everything depends on travellers budget. Accommodation options vary from luxury hotels to budget-friendly stays, ensuring a comfortable and memorable visit. With guided tours, local cultural experiences, and a taste of authentic Rajasthani cuisine, Assam to Ajmer Tour Package offers a well-rounded and immersive exploration of Ajmer. We provide a hassle-free transfer for travellers to embrace the history, spirituality, and culture of this enchanting city in Rajasthan.

    Distance from Assam to Ajmer: The distance from Assam to Ajmer is approx. 1314 kilometers and takes around 24 hours to reach.

    Major Highlights of Ajmer Tours
    Seek blessings at the most revered Ajmer Sharif Dargah, a spiritual epicenter.
    Marvel at the ancient architecture of Adhai din ka jhonpra.
    Enjoy tranquil moments beside the serene Ana Sagar Lake.
    Discover cultural treasures in Ajmer's bustling local bazaars.
    Extend your journey to Pushkar, Jaipur, Sambhar, Nagaur, or other destinations.

    How to reach Ajmer from Assam?
    By Air: Assam has its own airport, but it primarily handles domestic flights. The most direct route would be to fly from Assam to a major airport like Mumbai or Pune, and then catch a connecting flight to Jaipur. From Jaipur, Ajmer is a short train ride or a two-hour drive away.

    By Train: By train its quite impossible to travel to Ajmer. This journey provides a scenic view of the Indian landscape, but it's relatively lengthy.

    By Road: By road the journey from Assam to Ajmer is quite impossible as you have to cross the border to reach the destination. So, the most suitable mode of conveyance would be by air.

    How to get around in Ajmer?

    Ajmer Taxi Services are readily available throughout the city and offer a comfortable means of traversing Ajmer's winding streets and historical landmarks. We present a wide range of vehicles to fit different group sizes and budgets. Our taxi cabs are equipped with lots of facilities like air conditioners, tour guides, and more. For those keen on delving deeper into Ajmer's history, hire a taxi with a professional driver for ease of experience. To get utmost convenience, consider booking cabs in advance, especially during peak tourism season or festivals.

    Best tips to plan Ajmer Tours –
    Plan your trip during October and March for a pleasant climate.
    Book accommodation early, specifically during the URS Festival.
    Engage a local guide or professional taxi driver for a richer travel experience.
    Adjust time for Pushkar sightseeing tour, for a complete Rajasthani experience.
    Try the regional cuisine and shop for local handicrafts in Ajmer's traditional markets.

    Book our Assam to Ajmer Pushkar Tour and discover the best of these spiritual destinations in a comfortable and hassle-free way. Experience the warm hospitality of Rajasthan while being in the cities. Ajmer Tours ensures your safe and comfortable transportation during the journey.

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