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    Ajmer is a miniature of Rajasthan with all of its features and amenities. Ajmer is surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of hills and lakes as it lies in the lap of the Aravalli Hill Ranges. The city boasts a rich architectural history, stunning monuments, and revered shrines, on the one hand. Ajmer, on the other hand, is one of Rajasthan's most picturesque cities with natural settings. Lakes and the Aravalli Mountains Ranges surround the city. Due to its enormously broad array of tourism opportunities, Ajmer is a significant and well-liked tourist destination.

    Tour Overview: There are many different tourist attractions, activities, festivals, fairs, cuisine selections, and shopping possibilities in Ajmer. Ajmer Dargah Sharif, Akbar's Palace & Museum, Nasiyan Jain Temple, Nareli Jain Temple, Ana Sagar Lake, Taragarh Fort, Adhai Din Ka Jhopra, Prithviraj Smark, etc. are a few of their top attractions. The neighboring town of Pushkar contributes to tourism in Ajmer. Temple Aartis, Brahma Temple, Pushkar Ghats, Pushkar Lake, Savitri Temple, and Pushkar Fair can all be seen here.

    For a unique experience, you can visit Ajmer by booking one of our Rajasthan Trip Packages. Ajmer is undoubtedly a destination worth visiting for a wonderful travel experience.

    Major Highlights of the Tour Packages:

    - Experience the unmatched warm hospitality of Rajasthan
    - Know the glorified history of renowned historical treasures
    - Experience the vibrant culture and way of life
    - Witness the incredible fairs and festivals.
    - Enjoy fascinating activities and go camping in the desert

    How To Reach Ajmer?
    Ajmer is at a distance of around 750km from Lucknow. The two cities are connected through all transportation modes. The journey between these cities can be covered through the following modes:

    By Air – From Srinagar, there are connecting flights to the domestic airport Kishangarh. There are also direct flights to Jaipur airport which is 130km from Ajmer.
    By Train – The train runs frequently between the two locations, which are directly connected by rail lines.
    By Road – The cities are connected by the Agra-Lucknow Expressway and Bikaner-Agra Road which is accessible by bus and can be travelled by any other type of vehicle.

    How To Tour Around?
    The government has made Ajmer a well-developed city with good connections and a variety of public transit options. Due to the city's age, finding all of the attractions on the map can be confusing. In order to get around the city conveniently and pleasantly, it is advised to book car rentals. Contact us right away to receive the best Ajmer car rental services. Our company provides a large selection of well-kept fleets that are appropriate for all types of tourist groups and their requirements. We make sure to deliver a trustworthy and efficient car rental service in Ajmer.

    Our company offers a variety of travel options, including trip packages, car rentals, hotel reservations, and more. The best Ajmer tour from Lucknow are available from us, and they are created to provide an authentic Ajmer travel experience. You will always have the greatest possible tour experience in Ajmer thanks to our staff of experienced tour operators.

    Tour Suggestions:
    - Winter is the ideal season to visit Ajmer. Although the city is still lovely during the monsoon season
    - You must experience the variety of delectable cuisines and regional street meals here
    - You must shop here for relics, mementos, accessories, clothing, handicrafts, and many more popular things
    - Take part in several safaris, including the camel, Jeep, hot air balloon, and more
    - Camping in the desert at night while listening to and dancing to traditional music
    - Take part in exhilarating adventure sports including zip-lining, quad-cycling, cable rides, hiking, trekking, rappelling, etc.

    Book Ajmer Tour Package from Lucknow with Ajmer Tours and get the best deals or discounts on them. Customise the tour according to your interests and preferences.

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