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    About the Tour
    Tourists looking for spiritual travelling can pick Ajmer as their destination for a tour. Ajmer is the most visited city in Rajasthan which gives an aura of spirituality. As the city is known as a religious spot for both Hindus and Muslim devotees. Moreover, millions of visitors, visit the city every year for the blessings. The place is a paradise for historic craze and nature lovers.

    Apart from spirituality, the place offers an exquisite collection of ancient architecture presentation in forts, palaces, and historical sites specifically in the Mughal and Rajput styles. The city's natural beauty is admirable. Ajmer Tour Packages can be completed within three days, of reaching Jaipur Airport including departure day. Tourists planning road trips can cover the distance between Gwalior to Ajmer which is approximately 550 km away, taking 9 hour's drive with a well-connected road.

    The sites included in the sightseeing tour are the famous Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Adhai- din ka Jhopra, Mayo College, Ana Sagar Lake, Daulat Bagh, Akbar Palace and Museum, and many more to include in one list of. Ajmer Sightseeing Tour. The trip sightseeing can be customizable according to tourists' interests, comfort, and budget.

    How to reach Ajmer?
    All the major cities of tourist spots are well-connected by road transport. Tourists can also book taxis from Ajmer Taxi Services for a better tour around Ajmer for sightseeing. Moreover, for local sightseeing in Ajmer, it's recommended to book a taxi with a tour guide for high-grade touring of the place as well as to know better about the history of Ajmer's famous forts and palaces.

    The taxi provided by the company is well-maintained and serviced on time to deliver their best services in making the customers touring around Ajmer comfortable and convenient. Though the city is well-connected with a wide range of public transport, still it's suggested to travel with a tour guide for a better local sightseeing experience.

    About Ajmer
    A historical place with a well-known pilgrimage centre, Ajmer is quite known for its holy places as well as the majestic forts and palaces, adding charm to the bustling city of Ajmer. Furthermore, Ajmer is a popular city due to its natural landscape, as the city is surrounded by the Aravalli Hill Ranges and man-made as well as natural lakes.

    Places to visit in Ajmer
    Ajmer Sharif Dargah:- The most popular attraction of Ajmer where millions of tourists, as well as Muslims and Non-Muslims devotees, visit every year to worship a Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti's tomb. The majestic tomb gate consists of silver door frames with an admirable interior.

    Ana Sagar Lake:- The artificial lake built between 1135 – 1150 AD by Maharaja Anaji provides an enchanted view with a garden known as Daulat Bagh near the lake. The man-made lake is the perfect spot for a family outing. Tourists can book a boat ride around the island.

    Adhai Din ka Jhonpra:- Originally built as Sanskrit College, later converted into a mosque after getting snatched by Mohammed of Ghori, made alterations such as adding calligraphy of Islam before the hall on the seven-arched wall. It also consists of segments of Jain and Hindu temples, giving it a unique appearance.

    Akbar's Palace & Museum:- A treat to history enthusiasts this museum gives enormous joy as this palace consists of several showcases of arts and crafts, sculptures made of stone, delicate paintings of Bharatpur rulers, and many more are displayed in this Museum. Any historical buff tourist would love to come back for historical tales and admire the Mughal and Rajput lifestyles.

    Nasiyan Jain Temple:- A blend of contemporary and traditional architecture is used while constructing this Jain Temple which is located on the outskirts of Ajmer. The temple provides a calm and peaceful aura to its visitors. Temple's beautiful carving is exceptionally admirable.

    Victoria Jubilee Clock Tower:- A famous landmark built in 1887 to honor the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, is constructed near the Ajmer Railway Station, making the clock tower a popular place to visit among tourists.

    Mayo College:- An Elite boarding school which is the oldest school founded by the sixth Earl of Mayo – Richard Bourke. Here the tourists can view the extremely important article and a section named the ancient armories. The building has the breathtaking architecture of ancient times.

    Best time to plan Gwalior to Ajmer Tour
    The ideal time to plan a trip to Ajmer is during the winter season which is from October to March. A summertime tour can cause fatigue and dilemma about whether to go sightseeing or not. In the winter season, the scenery of Ajmer is admirable and gives a photogenic image for social media posting.

    All over Ajmer trip will take the travellers to another heaven with its Mughal and Rajput style of architecture built as well as with its vibrant culture, traditions, and bustling streets with delicious Rajasthan cuisines. The Gwalior to Ajmer tour makes the whole vacation trip worth travelling from Gwalior to Ajmer again for the unmatched experience.

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