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    Ajmer, is famously known for the Aravalli ranges, as the place is surrounded by green hills, making the whole place look like an oasis in the desert. The city located in the North Indian State of India is the oldest city available in Rajasthan. The architectural presentation of the temples in Ajmer is quite impressive with the unique historical tale. Hindus call Ajmer Tirthraj Pushkar where as Muslims know the place as Ajmer Shariff.

    The place is 135 km away from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. Nevertheless, all the major cities are connected to Ajmer, by the means of train and road. Ajmer provides historical knowledge of Indian traditions as well as it is a holy spot for both Hindus and Muslims.

    Tour Overview
    Coimbatore to Ajmer Tour Package
    includes welcoming the visitors from their respective choice of transport be it Airport, or Railway. Further dropping the guests at their hotels for much-needed rest and refreshment after traveling. Services such as touring the place with the assistance of our specialist guide for local sightseeing or renting a car with experienced drivers. The choice of booking a chauffeur-driven tour is also available for the guests. Our expert tour guide will assist the guests in choosing the best dinner spot for the guests for an unforgettable experience of Rajasthan traditional cuisines.

    Main Highlights of the Ajmer Tour

    · Ajmer Sharif Dargah
    A spiritual place where both Muslim and Hindu devotees are welcomed to worship, as the Dargah is one of the holiest places available in Rajasthan.

    · Ajmer Jain Temple
    The temple is also known as Lal Mandir due to its temple being built of red stone. It is also known for its gold-plated wooden sculptures giving it the name of 'The City of Gold' and 'Swarna Nagari'.

    · Ana Sagar Lake
    It's a man-made lake famous for watching the sunset from the lake, as the lake is encircled by a garden known as Daulat Bagh Garden.

    · Taragarh Fort
    The fort is known for its magnificent architectural representation of ancient artwork, as the fort consists of three gateways named Gagudi ki Pathak, Lakshmi Pol, and Phuta Darwaza.

    · Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra
    The architectural structure of this mosque is a combination of Jain, Indian, Muslim, and Hindu, making the mosque the oldest monument in India.

    How to reach Ajmer?
    By Air: The only airport available within the reach is Jaipur International Airport which is 135 km away from Ajmer. The alternative option is 34 km away which is the Kishangarh Airport.

    By Train: The nearest railway are Ajmer Junction, Madar, Nasirabad, Kishangarh, and many more which can easily drop the guests at their other destinations. The place included in the tourist spot makes the availability of transport easy.

    By Road: The tourists can book a taxi from Taxi Service in Ajmer for more convenient traveling. Though all the major cities are well-connected to each other by roads.

    How to get around?
    Tourists including Ajmer taxi services in their Ajmer Pushkar Tour can get all the inclusive offers such as a tour guide with a car for efficient and convenient traveling. As the tour guide will make the trip short and brief. Another alternative is driving oneself by renting a car or using local transport to self-exploring the place.

    One can even get the option of choosing a chauffeur-driven tour with or without a tour guide for self-exploring the Ajmer Trip Plan, its included in the outlet of the resort.

    Tips to Plan Ajmer Tour
    - Plan the trip according to the season as Summers in Rajasthan can be much tiring and troublesome. The best time is around October to February.
    - Ajmer Sightseeing Tour includes many sights near as well as far, make sure to plan the sites according to the time and events occurring in the place. As some sights are for sightseeing in the evening, and some at sunrise.
    Recommended duration is 1- 2 days tour of Ajmer Tour Package.
    - Choose the mode of the vehicle carefully for convenient traveling.

    The tour of Ajmer goes well when the trip is planned effectively with all the necessary information. Ajmer Pushkar is quite nearby to experience other tourists spot. The place offers evening events such as folk dance and music, performances of puppets, and magic tricks. Shopping at stalls offers traditional items of Rajasthan.

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